Monday, May 9, 2011


Subject: Telomeres time. Can reverse the aging process? is any the proof?

A fountain of youth? No, but the latest discoveries in science having to do with not only stopping that spiral down hill, but actually reversing the process in the telomeres.If you know anyone over 40 please call about team product b launch.

Don’t believe it?

That is ok, but there is plenty of proof.

Watch this 20 minute video email.

Then go to my website and get a feel for the tremendous opportunity to be part of helping everyone and as a result, financially benefit greatly.
Watch this about telomere length .

Call or email with any questions, but do not hesitate to call

Norman Simpson
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  1. As most of you are aware, Jim Coover, Isagenix CEO and co-founder spoke briefly on what we know to be "PRODUCT B" (the new Telomerase product coming out soon).

    MOST OF YOU called or texted me and could not get on the call. THE LINES (OVER 2000) FILLED UP WITHIN A COUPLE MINUTES.
    I'm telling you, the word is out!!! This thing is going to go absolutely CRAZY!!! Are you hearing me? For those of you who are still sleeping, you need to WAKE UP!, especially if you have a desire to capitalize on the most exciting product to hit the planet in probably 100 years! Understand that this is taking off now with or without you. I have never heard or seen so much chatter and energy and enthusiasm around ONE PRODUCT.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS IS IT! If you're concerned your group is not where you want it at the moment, then MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. SHARE THE STORY, SHARE THE STORY, SHARE THE STORY.
    (I have pasted the link to my 20 minute Telomerase webinar below - USE IT! GET IT OUT TO EVERYONE NOW!!!!!!!)